The Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation, Inc. was formed on November 12, 1981 by concerned leaders in the graphic communication industry to establish a non-profit, public, industry assisted corporation to develop and dispense scholarship grants to talented young people who are interested in graphic communication as a lifetime career.

Raymond G. Schmidt, a book manufacturing entrepreneur and one of the founding fathers of the Ann Arbor Litho Club conceived the idea of forming such a foundation and provided the initial financial support.

The concerned leaders from the Ann Arbor Litho Club recognized that the printing industry was large and rapidly growing in the Ann Arbor area and in the state of Michigan. The growth would create a niche for “manpower recruitment” and a positive “industry image”. They created the foundation to answer these needs by providing scholarship grants to young persons considering printing as a possible career and provide increased public understanding and interest in printing.

The foundation has received outstanding financial and leadership support from the Ann Arbor printing companies and from generous individual contributions.

College visitations to Western Michigan University and Ferris State University are made by members of the foundation as an effort to promote the foundation and to recruit candidates for employment by its corporate members.